100% Italian style

“…the aim is to produce high quality shoes and accessories here in Italy, so we can protect our know-how while creating jobs, wealth and prosperity. manufacturing our products primarily in our country represents for us a real mission.”

Enrico Bracalente

NeroGiardini: a Made in Italy mission

The mostly Italian production and high-skilled labour ensure high quality results and are NeroGiardini’s added value. We value the Italian artisan know-how steeped in tradition and the professional human resources of the Marche region.

The company’s Italian spirit is proudly reflected in the flag reproduced on the footwear soles and on all packaging. Unlike most competitors, which chose to relocate their manufacturing plants to poorer countries with cheaper labour costs, NeroGiardini relies on and supports the Italian footwear craftsmanship tradition: this policy helps strengthen consumers’ brand loyalty.

NeroGiardini represents Italian excellence in combining traditional leather artisan techniques and cutting edge industrial technologies. We’re proud of our results, and pride is one of our brand’s core values. Our Made in Italy footwear is the expression of the worldwide renowned Italian quality and creativity, highly appreciated today as a distinctive feature of our production.