Made in Italy

Artisan mastery and avant-garde technology

The entrepreneurship and visionary approach of Enrico Bracalente are the foundations of a unique organizational model that effectively delivers an extensive production through detailed planning. Today, B.A.G. SpA is headquartered in a modern 10.000 sqm building that houses the administration, planning, styling and distribution departments.

The production

Design, quality and Italian style are the hallmarks of the NeroGiardini footwear, accessory and clothing collections.

The modern production processing and the technological investments are the key factors of NeroGiardini’s strategy: preserving its artisan roots, while embracing industrial organization and processes to effectively deliver high volumes in the complex footwear production process.

The logistics platform

Developed to handle and ship NeroGiardini products

In addition to the headquarters in Monte San Pietrangeli, the company owns four additional manufacturing plants and a modern 12.000 sqm logistics facility.

Located in Fermo’s industrial area, the new logistics platform is the first in Italy and second in Europe for importance in the footwear industry. Entirely computerised, the logistics department handles and ships all NeroGiardini products for men, women and children. The clothing lines are manufactured by specialized companies in nearby districts, in the Marche and Abruzzo regions.