NeroGiardini supports training

"I’ve always believed that there is a gap between education and industry, which we business entrepreneurs need to fill. We need to attract young people into our companies through vocational training schools and invest more in education because young resources are essential for all companies and productive sectors".

Enrico Bracalente

“ARTIGIANELLI” vocational training centre, Opera Don Ricci in Fermo

Three-year professional training course promoted and funded by NeroGiardini.

NeroGiardini promotes and finances training programmes 
leading to the qualification of footwear industry manufacturing technician

NeroGiardini has a tradition of sourcing its skilled workforce locally and enhancing the local communities. The result is the establishment of a three-year vocational programme for “Operatori per la Calzatura” (Footwear industry manufacturing technicians) offered through the Centro Formazione Professionale “Artigianelli” dell’Opera Don Ricci in Fermo. Entirely supported by NeroGiardini, the programme is open to 16-18-year-old students who aim at joining the company’s workforce.

The programme includes specialist vocational subjects and four additional subjects (linguistic, scientific, social-historical-economic and technological) to provide a comprehensive education aimed at training skilled personnel for the NeroGiardini group. The training programme provides students with a real opportunity to develop valuable skills while at the same time promote the local footwear industry, a significant player in the success of “Made in Italy” products in the world.

The qualification of “Operatore della Calzatura” awarded at the end of the three-year training programme, is recognized at both regional and European level. The credits achieved during the programme will allow students to obtain the qualification. This initiative provides real opportunities for future jobs that counteract the bleak reality of youth unemployment in Italy. Once obtained the qualification, the new technicians may be hired by the company managed by Enrico Bracalente, who is committed to supporting the Italian economy by keeping manufacturing operations in Italy as opposed to moving them to countries where labour costs are lower. A substantial contribution to appreciating and enhancing traditional craftsmanship, key to the success of “Made in Italy”.

NeroGiardini provides childcare

NeroGiardini opens its nursery to help its employees and those of partner companies meet their childcare and professional needs. This service is offered specifically to meet the needs of working parents with young and school age children by helping employees negotiate their working schedules and childcare requirements. The nursery adopts an approach based on the teachings of foremost educators like Elinor Goldschmied, Maria Montessori and Margaret Mahler. The childcare service aims at promoting children’s own initiative and actively learning through play.

Working parents can choose between a nursery (7:30 am–12:30 pm, for children aged 3 to 36 months) and a meeting centre for 3- to 10-year-old children (1:45 pm–7.00 pm)

The nursery offers 14 places with 2 assistants, and the meeting centre offers 20 places with 2 assistants. In the nursery, children are served their packed lunch brought in from home, warmed up and served by the staff.

NeroGiardini builds the new Church of San Gregorio, in L’Aquila

The church of San Gregorio, destroyed by the 2009 earthquake that devastated L’Aquila and surrounding areas, was completely rebuilt through the efforts of Enrico Brancalente. Inaugurated in 2010, about a year after the earthquake that devastated the Abruzzo region, the church has a surface area of 200 square meters and was built with reinforced concrete and steel with a wood ceiling.

It was a televised plea by Sister Mirella that prompted the Marche entrepreneur and his family to become involved in the reconstruction of the church. Affected by her words, the Brancalente family decided to finance entirely the building of the new church to ensure that San Gregorio could once again have its place of worship. Enrico Bracalente’s donation emphasised his closeness to the community and demonstrated his generosity and willingness to help.

For the reconstruction, Enrico Bracalente relied only on local businesses, in order to support the economy of the local areas and the region. The new church was built 100 meters away from the existing historic building, which had been totally destroyed by the earthquake. The gesture of the Marche entrepreneur, who preferred facts to words, not only gave hope to the people, but it also left an permanent mark in the memory of the inhabitants of San Gregorio, who are still grateful to their benefactor.