Enrico Bracalente

Sole Administrator

Born in 1957, Enrico Bracalente leads B.A.G. S.p.A., a company based in Monte San Pietrangeli (AP) and owner of the NeroGiardini brand.

A self-made man with a small town background, Enrico Bracalente believes in honesty, authenticity and transparency. His constant commitment to quality and achieving practical results are the key to his success in the footwear industry. In 2003, Brancalente’s courage and creative business skills helped make the company grow into B.A.G. S.p.A..

Today, with 2.000 employees and 18.000 pairs of shoes produced daily, the company is developing its business in Italy and abroad, proud of its Made in Italy production.

Enrico Bracalente with his son Alessandro and his daughter Gloria