The Company and its people

Enrico Bracalente promotes the regional area and is committed to give prominence to its human resources.

NeroGiardini relies on highly skilled personnel, with experience from the best Italian footwear culture, who can express their talent in a modern, dynamic and friendly working environment. This keen attention to human resources is found again in the strong commitment to training the new generations: Enrico Bracalente is very active in collaborating with local schools to train future skilled workers, who will be able to keep up with the market needs.

The Project in collaboration with the Centro di Formazione Professionale Artigianelli authorised by the Fermo province, with which NeroGiardini has launched a two-year vocational course for “Operatore per la calzatura”. This programme aims at traning 16-18 year olds to become qualified technicians to employ in the footwear industry.

"The Company’s true force and wealth are its human resources"

Enrico Bracalente